The RCCG Lagos province 48 protocol unit is a combination of protocol officers representing different parishes under respective areas of Lagos Province 48, with about 12 members for now. It became imperative to have protocol members representing different areas come together under the province to have a representation under Region 20.  Most of the events we have participated were organized by the Region.



Protocol is a term used to describe the formalities and the courtesies which lubricate relationships between individuals and institutions. It refers to as an agreed appropriate behavior and rules of conduct for a situation or event. The protocol department is an amiable department. It is a help ministry that manages the guest ministers, congregations, and church visitors.


GREETERS – To greet members and guests as they enter and leave the building.
WELFARE - Take care of pastors and guest ministers.
LOGISTICE & TRANSPORT - In charge of transporting guest ministers who are to minister in any of the church programs.



A church protocol worker is a Christian trained to politely handle acceptable and agreed rules of conduct in the church.  A cheerful and vibrant personality. A vibrant and cheerful spirit is a plus for this ministry. Members of this ministry must also be watchful and very observant. Hebrews. 13:2, Romans. 16: 3-4. The Protocol department is a full-fledged department with its modus operandi as stated below.


• The Protocol department works hand-in- hand with the Ushers, Security, Welfare and Church admin departments; but has a primary duty focused on assisting and taking care of pastors, guest ministers, visitors, etc, before, during and after every church service, meeting, programs or events. • The department is focused on serving the Altar, All Guests, Ministers and Pastors. • Coordinate and direct members who want to see the Pastor. • Managing the church entrance, main sanctuary and Pastor’s office for effective scrutiny and protection by Gods permissible Grace. • Responsible for Hotel reservation, airport pick up and drop off, Hotel check in and checkout of guest ministers during special programmes.


This is usually a special Christmas day service program with the God of Daddy G.0. All protocol  representatives from Lagos Provinces 4,5,15,24,34,35,39,46,47,348,66,67,Oyo 4 & 12, Youth Province 1 are usually present to work with the Region for a smooth program. This is a program whereby a lot more people are reached out to and encouraged to give their lives to Christ. It helps the Apapa Family share the love of Christ during Christmas.

This is usually an evangelism program during Easter period, whereby all parishes under different areas under LP48 come together to share the love of Easter through different ministrations; counselling, medical attention, word ministration, food & drinks distribution and other ministrations that give people the opportunity to give their lives to Christ.

Until recently, this has been a yearly activity whereby a theme is generated to drive the program. Daddy G.O and sometimes Mummy G.O are usually in attendance to feed the flock. It is usually an opportunity for people to get saved, healed, and delivered from forces of darkness or bondages. People are also ministered to in songs and other spiritual and physical blessings. The Protocol representatives from different Provinces will come together to ensure the smooth running of the program as well as ensure that the guest ministers, pastors, important dignitaries are well attended to and given their due recognitions.

This is a program that brings all the pastors under Region 20 together for time of spiritual refreshing and rejuvenating. It usually runs for like 2 to 3 days and very well attended by RCCG members from different Provinces under Region 20. LP48 will usually work with the Region to ensure that all the ministers are well attended to and the congregation are well coordinated.

This program seeks to help the Region mentor and groom the Provinces under them economically. It brings together seasoned speakers from different professions relevant to the theme of the program. LP 48 protocol representatives with other provinces work with the Region for smooth running of the programs. All the guest speakers/ministers and dignitaries are well seated and attended to. Protocol representatives are usually at hand to also attend to their Parish pastors.

This is a yearly women program that brings all the women under Region 20 together for spiritual growth and development. Relevant topics that help the family units and enterprise grow are discussed. LP 48 women are also well represented at the event. The LP48 protocol representatives work hand in hand with the Region for effective and smooth running of the program.


This will enable more of the Protocol officers in different Parishes under respective areas of LP 48 to be fully involved in the Province activities.

For more involvement, we are looking at encouraging more of this sort of programs among LP 48 Protocol members. It will increase the spiritual tempo and the camaraderie amongst Protocol members under LP48. It will also help us know one another better for effective communication when we are on the field of assignments.


"The protocol team made me feel welcome the first time and always. The welcome makes you wish to be one of them"
"Thank you RCCG Lagos Province 48 welfare team, you are life savers. The feeding at the Excel program is quite good and commendable"
"The greeters are fantastic, they prepare you for a Holy Spirit filled service. I'll definitely visit again and again"
"A great team of people charged with managing such a mammoth crowd. A daunting task made easy, they are simply good at it - Kudos to ya all "